Altomura (アルロムラ, Arutomura) is a fortress city in the former Elfrieden Kingdom and later the Kingdom of Freidonia. It is an important location during the One Week War.

Location Edit

Freidonia and its surroundings

Altomura is located near the Ursula Mountains near the former Principality of Amidonia's border. On the opposite side of the Ursula Mountain is the city of Nelva.

Layout Edit

Altomura is a city built on a plain and surrounded by a large wall. However due to its poor position it has very limited natural defences.

History Edit

Altomura (2)

During the One Week War, the Amidonian Army crossed over the Ursula Mountains in order to conquer Altomura and the surrounding lands. However, due to deceptions of its governor, Weist Garreau, Gaius Amidonia and his son, along with the 30,000 soldiers, were unable to lay siege to the city. Once the rebellion of Georg Carmine was put down and Kazuya Souma declared war on Amidonia, the enemy forces immediately withdrew to counter the attack on Van.

Altomura is quite possibly the only place that did not result in any casualties during the war.