The Kingdom of Lastania is a small country that is part of the Union of Eastern Nations.

Location Edit

The kingdom is described as being on the northwestern edge of the Union, bordering both the Demon Lord's Domain and the Nothung Dragon Knight Kingdom.

Demographics Edit

The kingdom's population numbers around 20,000 and one might think that a tiny country being so close to two powerful nations would make the populace tremble in fear. However, in actuality, the people and its ruler lived carefree lives with the assurance that the Dragon Knights of the Northung Dragon Knight Kingdom would defend themselves and their country against the Demon Lord's forces.

Incidentally, several refugee groups have migrated to this kingdom to enlist in the fight against the Demon Lord and to one day return to their original homelands. Among these refugees is the exiled prince of the former Principality of Amidonia, Julius Amidonia. Currently they have elected Julius to lead the forces against the increased monster attacks at the border between the Union and the Demon Lord's Domain.