Merula Merlin
Kana メルーラ・メルラン
Rōmaji Merūra Meruran
Age ~100 years old
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Magic Researcher
Affiliation Kingdom of Freidonia
Previous Affiliation Spirit Kingdom of Garlan
Light Novel Volume 05

Merula Merlin (メルーラ・メルラン, Merūra Meruran) is a character of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki series. She is a high elf, formally from the Spirit Kingdom of Garlan and is currently a magical researcher in the Kingdom of Freidonia.

Appearance Edit

Like all elves, Merula Merlin has pointed ears, but unlike dark elves like Aisha Udgard, her skin is white and she has blonde hair. She also has the trademark crimson eyes that all high elves possess. She appears to be in her twenties, though she is actually over 100 years old.

Personality Edit

Unlike her xenophobic brethren, Merula possesses a curious streak and spent the last twenty years researching the spirits that her people worshiped. Her travels eventually led her to the Orthodox Papal State of Lunaria, where she began to look into the workings of the Lunalith, the sacred object of Lunar Faith. She believed there might be a connection between their faith and that of the high elves.

After using her power of Perfect Optical Camouflage to sneak into the main church in Yumuen, she managed to enter the chamber in which the Lunalith was kept. To her surprise, the Lunalith actually perceived her and gave her an oracle. However, this set off the security system of the church and Merula was injured as she was barely able to escape with her life.

Now branded as a heretic or witch, Merula took the disguise of a prostitute and was later taken in by Souji Lester. Both would eventually be secretly transported by the Black Cats to the Kingdom of Friedonia.

Abilities Edit

  • "Perfect Optical Camouflage": This ability allows Merula to completely blend in with her surrounding along with her clothes and anything she is carrying. When she was in "Garlan", she could even blend/vanish the people nearby her with this ability, but outside of "Garlan" she can only do so on herself.